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Let’s End Any Floundering

I estimate that 30% to 40% of the several hundred of people I have successfully coached over the last 15 years had profound issues with their life direction and/or careers, often with accompanying financial pressures.

Many of the testimonials here attest to the progress we made together drawing on my skills and on the willingness of clients to step up into a broader and healthier vision of themselves, and take action accordingly.

Specifically, as needed I bring to bear these elements:

  • A number of methods and tools to accurately identify true soul callings of each individual and the innate talents that supported this vision.

  •  Inner mastery tools to strengthen intention and confidence and to alleviate any anxiety over moving in the desired direction.

  • Detailed action plans and timeline calendars to bring goals to fruition while maintaining a balanced life and income.

  • Outer mastery training as needed in self-expression, communication and relationship skills, and in leadership methods.

  • People skills and emotional mastery tools to deal with workplace tensions and problems.

  • If needed, job search and interview guidance.

  • Or assistance either in successfully starting or growing a business that is your calling.

There’s more, and the best way to explore finding your own clear path or correcting a bad work or business situation, is to start by emailing me for a free one-hour consultation at 




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