More Bottom Line, More Free Time via the Magic of Peer Group Savvy


If you haven’t experienced a CEO peer group advisory board that is serious biz and not a social network, then know it can work wonders for expanding business success and in your personal life.

The CEO ELEVATION PEER GROUP process historically allows even highly successful CEOs to gain considerably more bottom line and more personal time through a mutual support process while expanding individual management skills and capacities. Peer groups also allow for smarter market tracking and, based on CEO feedback, dramatically reduce the sense of isolation many CEOs feel. 

In fact, a CEO Elevation Peer Group can provide the savviest, most trustworthy and most effective board of advisers imaginable. It can address the greatest challenges and problems you face in your business and personal life.

CEOs and managing business owners meet only with their peers from non-competitive industries. The topics cover every business challenge imaginable. Major progress is made on each business leader’s particular issues and leadership expertise through the special process in which the others in the group are able to assist. You get help – and you help others.

In business, this means we focus on all the core issues and challenges: strategic planning, growing revenues, managing costs, assuring the quality and stability of key people and staff, competition, capital needs, keeping up with a relentlessly changing market, customer retention, managing growth or lack of it, taxes and financial management, healthcare, government, and more.

Along with deep dives into creating healthy and supportive internal cultures that increase staff morale and productivity, community responsibility and give back.

On the personal side, it also embraces the relevant core issues: overwork and overwhelm, knowing your blind spots, loneliness at the top, anxiety, lack of confidence in certain areas, family issues, work-life balance, self-management, and – crucially – growing your own capacities.

Similar groups have track records of potentially being a bigger game-changer than anything else you might do for your business or organization.

One major reason for this is that you get regularly to receive – and share in giving – the collective intelligence, care, resources and networks of smart, talented and experienced individuals whose contributions are not colored by self-interest because you either report to them or they work for you.

Instead, everyone’s commitment is to to be part of a project that elevates everyone’s boat …and life.

Our goal is that our members lead and operate much better and outperform the American business norm in any given year by a significant margin. This is completely possible when peer members are committed both to their own and to each other’s greater success – and then share their ideas and best practices along with their candid observations and feedback using the process I will guide you through.

The care and nurturing of every individual and business in the room by every other individual in the room is the kind of experience people long to have in this life – and which in fact is priceless. Expect best friendships of the most mutually caring kind to develop.

My coaching and facilitating draw on my many years of real world business and community leadership accomplishments during which I founded and piloted the largest urban weekly newspaper in the country and also founded or ran four other companies and five non-profit organizations. The coaching is also based on my own studies in management and leadership tools, and on my 19 years of success in coaching clients already in ownership or senior management or leadership roles – or just about to move into them.

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“As CEO of a $9 million company, I have found the CEO peer group sessions conducted by Jay Levin to be invaluable. Each CEO leaves with greater corporate knowledge and a deeper understanding of their own individual challenges and the solutions to them. Jay relies on his years of business experience and personal patience to guide our group into mutual support and business and personal growth.” – Susan Mahlmann, CEO, Mahlmann Media, Inc.


“I always greatly enjoy our CEO peer meetings. Having a group of highly supportive and knowledgeable leaders to brainstorm through problems with has offered me an invaluable perspective on many occasions. Our gatherings always expose me to new ideas and keep me accountable for my progress. – Lora Ivanova, CEO, Scare LA and CEO of  My Lab Box


Working with Jay has been amazing. I have been part of one of his peer groups. I don’t know of anyone with such sharp, hard-nosed business acumen who also admits and works with the personal — you know, the fuzzy touchy-feely stuff, the internal psychic underpinnings of why and how we work and achieve.” – Steven Scholine, CEO, Vain Media


“I am inspired, and in awe of the brain power / patience/ truth of the group. The input and support I receive is invaluable and appreciated.”– Paz Stark, CEO, Stark Studios.


“I’ve been enjoying Jay’s Masterminds for several months now. He’s an experienced and well-connected entrepreneur and coach with a great heart and a sincere passion for making a difference in the lives of everyone he works with.  - Drew Kossoff, CEO, Rainmaker Ad Ventures, Inc.


“In a professional climate of constant change and sweeping evolution, the life of a CEO can feel bewildering, paralyzing and lonesome.  Jay Levin has built a shelter from this, a CEO family that reflects the virtues of its patriarch: support, empowerment and decisive action.” - Brian V. Julianel, Managing Director, Hellophonic


“Jay’s CEO group improves your relationship with yourself and your business through peer support, advice and insight.  Jay is talented at coaching and coordinating the group to maximize takeaways for everyone.  Being accountability to the group is also helpful to making real progress” - Peter Just, Founder & CEO. JustGeneration


“I was a member of Jay Levin’s CEO Peer Group for a year. I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the group and the intellectually challenging topics each month.The format for interacting and problem solving has been very beneficial to me and my company.” Michael Donnell, CEO, Solar Electric Scooters, Inc.