One of the worthwhile components of modern life in advanced countries is that almost everything gets researched. Happily this includes financial success. Between them, the business schools and social sciences have developed an extensive body of knowledge of the elements that create career satisfaction and financial success in a person’s life.

As it turns out and not surprisingly, career satisfaction is highest for those people who careers are in in alignment with what they consider to be their “calling” – those areas of endeavor that they are most passionate about and for which their natural skills and talents apply.

You don’t want to be trying to run a movie studio if your aptitudes, sensibilities and passions are aligned with helping the homeless, no matter the vast pay gap between the two positions.

Financial success is another and more subjective matter. Lots of people makes lots of money in some part of the economic system – often by manipulating it – and find themselves not very happy or satisfied with themselves or their lives. Lots of other people make a great deal less and still feel they have financial success because what they earn meets their needs for “sufficiency” – which is the concept that, odd as it may seem, not everyone wants to live in a mansion and have 25 cars. For a huge percentage of people – 67% – financial success is the means to have decent living standards by their own lights (for some a nice apartment near work, for others a three bedroom house) and enough security to weather economic storms, help their families where needed, and for a comfortable old age. To them that represent “sufficiency.”

The most satisfied people in the world turn out to be those that say they have both career satisfaction and financial sufficiency. Moreover, a tremendously high percentage of those people who say they have career satisfaction – 88% – also say they are financially comfortable.

With this is mind, what exactly is it that a Life Coach like myself brings to the table?

We help you identify very clearly (if you haven’t already) what your true calling is and what your gifts and skills are that support that calling.

If you are not living your true calling, we meticulously help guide you there with a step by step, doable plan.

In whatever you are doing, calling or not, we teach you how to improve your performance measurably.

We identify what emotional, psychological and real world blocks you might have to success and we teach you the very learn-able skills to get beyond them.

We teach you the most effective way to solve problems and deal with challenges that arise.

We teach you how to step-by-step envision and carry out your career goals, one building block, one door opening at a time – this so you don’t get overwhelmed. Instead you actually experience and feel a constant sense of progress and satisfaction.

We teach you the proven ways to manage your time and effort to achieve success while on your financial journey. In this regard, we teach you how to live an overall balanced and self-nurturing life so you don’t overextend and are available to perform optimally in your career.

We teach you essential people and relating skills and methods that can greatly optimize the degree of success you achieve.

We teach you essential principles of self and staff management.

We are there to guide you through challenges that may arise and provide a wise and experienced sounding board.

Because of the nature of what we Life Coaches do, most of our clientele is comprised of business people seeking success or needing to reverse failure. The bigger reality, however, is that our skills training could be universally taught by societal institutions because it can help almost everyone – and isn’t widely taught because the species is often slow to adapt its best new human development research and breakthrough learning versus how rapidly it adapts new physical technology.

To fill this gap is why some of us, as I do, offer low-cost classes in financial success and provide a sliding scale of payments to those who seek personal Life Coaching.

Our faith in Life Coaching is based on our direct experience of its positive effects – and while it’s a shame that the teachings are not yet universal, at least we Life Coaches are here to fill the gap until the society catches up on making readily available what we know and share.

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