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Coaching is not therapy. Nevertheless it provides a rich education in one’s internal workings, dramatically elevating your emotional intelligence, life abilities, intuition, wisdom and clear-thinking. It allows you to move beyond self-generated obstacles as well as challenges from others and from life circumstances. It includes tools to re-invent for the better your relationship to yourself and to the world.

You gain serious skill sets and growth. And your understanding of the world and of yourself expands greatly.

Many of my clients reported that traditional therapy has only been able to take them so far.

I teach you to be a generator of your own transformation, healing and growth.


 We Can Elevate These Aspects of Your Life

LEADERSHIP ABILITIES: Allowing you to step into a more meaningful place in the world or as a role model, or escalating your existing leadership skills. 

ACHIEVEMENT: Assisting you past your internal and external challenges to achieve a life and career in full alignment with your essential individual nature and gift

AUTHENTICITY and LIFE DIRECTION: You sense that there is a more delightful, strong, smart and successful you waiting to come forward. This presumption is accurate. That self is innate in you. Your strengths are innate. Question is when are you ready to identify and learn how to align with the self that is seeking to emerge and with the role in life that would serve you best

RELATIONSHIP MAGIC: Unless you have a supremely great relationship now, yours can be elevated from wherever is your starting point. Even at the worst case level, you can be coached to experience rapid transformation of toxic or troubled relationships into magical ones.

THE WOUNDED YOU:  If your issue is too much mind-chatter or self-criticism, or far too much emotional reactions and far less emotional satisfaction than you want, and if  you feel stuck in wounds and pains and want inner peace, you can allow me to show you how to emerge from these wounds.

SKILLS TRAINING:  Elevating your life requires you to experience, learn and apply absolutely effective ways of dealing with your inner and outer life. I coach you into the effective methods I learned or developed during 25 years of studying human behavior and 15 years as a life coach.

DYNAMIC GROWTH: As I show you how to progress in any area of your choosing, you will find that your progress automatically overlaps with and improves on other areas of your life. Such is the dynamic quality of the system and skills you learn t make

Because we are all in this together, and you very much matter, then the sooner you expand yourself even more into your core gifts, capacities and strengths rather than in any fears, reactive behavior or perceived limitations, and learn life and problem-solving skills, the sooner you and the world get better.



SUMMARY: What  Coaching and Training Can Provide You

Escape from a Distorted Way of Looking at Things

Tools for Reversing Unhealthy Relationships with Self, Others and Society

Skills to Relieve Emotional Distress

Clear, Elevated, Multi-dimensional Thinking

Next-Step Training for Personal Leadership

Tools to Transform Negative Situations

Tools to Evolve Out Of Any Life-Limiting Patterns

A Healthy Vision of and Skills for the Next Stage of Your Life

Where You Will Land

Relating and Playing at a Higher, More Effective Level

Operating with New Strategies of Behavior and Action

Liberated from Inner Barriers to Living Your Full Potential

Fully prepared for Inspired Service Leadership

Freed from Self-Doubt, Regret and Self-Critic

Sourced from Your Healthiest Inner Dimension

Restored to Your Innate Capacities and True Soul Direction

Respected by and Serving Self and Others *

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  • Basic Rate: $150 per session
  • Discounted Rate: Sliding scale within your budget and as my schedule permits
  • Prepaid Discount Coaching Package: 10 hours a month for two months – $2,490 (you save $510) Click to view

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