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Life Elevation Coaching

Jay Levin has the ability to understand human behaviors and patterns with a blink of an eye. His approach to how to self-empower ourselves and in our relationships is clear and very progressive. He immediately helps you focus and understand from where your unhealthy behaviors are coming and how to approach them, doing simple but constant exercises of awareness, deep love and consciousness. I wish many more people could access this type of journey. We are here to enjoy the most of ourselves and our relationships. Jay is magnificent in helping us achieve it! Thank you, Jay, and many blessings to you
Kesia Elwin
The training I received from Jay Levin’s personal coaching has given me the tools I need to make a major transformation in my life. Like many others I’m sure, I have been on a path of self actualization for a long time now. That said, Jay has taken in the broad spectrum of alternative approaches over the years and distilled it. Building off a holistic approach and philosophy, he drills down into each of the techniques he has found most effective. Applying the techniques learned from Jay feels like playing connect the dots back to my true self .                                                                                                                                                                                                             Seth Freeman: 
I cannot recommend Jay Levin’s coaching highly enough. He is, without a doubt, the single most valuable ally I have on the path of self inquiry and inner excavation. I count Jay’s seemingly infinite arsenal of tools and techniques, combined with his unparalleled patience, compassion, generosity of spirit and loving, supportive nature, as a great, bright blessing in my life.
Dani Katz
Jay has the amazing ability to help you heal yourself, or at least he did that for me. I could not have made it through 2010 without him. He is kind, wise, has real tools to share, and is the first professional whom I have ever really felt I could speak to with candor.
Kara Wily
Love Jay. He is an amazing and effective coach!!!
Xochitl Guzman
Jay is a gifted and generous guru. He has the perfect balance of wisdom, heart and soul. A true blessing in my life.
Sonia Sanz
I have been open to many types of therapy over the past 15 years both conventional and unconventional. I have met many healers. Jay Levin has been the most unique and the most effective. In my experience, he possessed a clear, other-worldly insight into the unconscious mechanisms that, on auto-pilot, were preventing me from growth and healing. I highly recommend his creative approach to wellness.
Ronda Call
Jay is real – and stays out of the way of his own individual preferences when counseling or teaching. He’s a great witness to the infinite and a great teacher. Thanks, Jay, for your love and support. I lost my Father at 18 and Jay was able to channel that love of an older male mentor at a time when I really needed that reflection. Jay, glad you are here helping others transform and realize. Vishnu Om
The opportunity to work with Jay is a blessing, one of the great openings in my life. Take it. Adam Wolf
Jay’s teachings and philosophies on life have had a strong impact on my life. He understands the immense complications of the human psyche and human history. He very simply allowed me to understand my own personal history and psychological obstacles. My relationship with myself and the people in my life has gained a clarity and simplicity that I find very valuable. I am extremely grateful to Jay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Rene Rivera
Jay came along at just the right time. I was going through a lot of change and feeling overwhelmed by life on a daily basis. With each meeting my anxiety and harsh self- judgments began to melt away, and in their place emerged a more authentic, confident and compassionate human being. Thank you, Jay, for doing what you do.  Zoe Nissman
Jay has a talent for bringing out the best in people. He is a generous and courageous spirit. He is now leading life mastery trainings and if you are interested in life-affirming philosophy, this will introduce you to both. I highly recommend Jay’s work and have benefited from it personally and professionally.                                                                                                                                                         Jodi Lieb
Jay’s training gave me peace of mind and stability during a turbulent and stressful time in my life. The classes cover a wide variety of very practical tools for dealing with the self-sabotage that most of us do to ourselves and offers amazing ideas to improve. His lectures are fascinating and his personal vibe is a joy to be around. It definitely set me on a path of better self-awareness and emotional well-being. Thomas Williams
Before I started the training I was stressed out. I was deeply unhappy. I had trouble with work. Now I’m in a new relationship, I’m enjoying my work, and my family life is good. Before I took the course I thought nothing was coming to me. Now, people seem to seek me out. Krystoff  Przykucki

Business and Career

 As CEO of a $9 million company, I have found the CEO peer group sessions conducted by Jay Levin to be invaluable. Each CEO leaves with greater corporate knowledge and a deeper understanding of their own individual challenges and the solutions to them. Jay relies on his years of business experience and personal patience to guide our group into mutual support and business and personal growth. Combined with his personal coaching, we have gained the skills and insights necessary to approach difficult issues with an impartial focus on end results. As long as Jay conducts these peer group sessions, I intend to participate and I encourage anyone in a corporate leadership role to take advantage of the fluid, interactive, educational dialogue.”  Susan Mahlmann, CEO, Mahlmann Media, Inc.
Jay shares with you the tools to communicate with your partner. To move beyond the confrontational rhetoric that we’ve all learned and that have become so ingrained in us. His teachings help you discover your true nature and that of your partner so that hopefully there can be a mutual understanding, respect and celebration of each others differences.   Jared Kraus
Jay has been my executive coach for several years now and I really value his experience, advice and wisdom. Jay has helped me as a business/personal coach, and has helped Crowdfunder as well. I consider him somewhat of an Interpersonal Business Jedi.  Rafe Furst, CIO,
I always greatly enjoy our CEO peer meetings. Having a group of highly supportive and knowledgeable leaders to brainstorm through problems with has offered me an invaluable perspective on many occasions. Our gatherings always expose me to new ideas and keep me accountable for my progress. Jay’s separate coaching has been one of the most eye-opening experiences for me as a business leader and entrepreneur. His calm perspective and ability to ask the right questions have challenged me to be a better executive and person. I really appreciate his holistic approach to problem solving and goal setting, ultimately resulting in greater fulfillment for me.  Lora Ivanova, CEO, Scare LA and CMO of
Working with Jay has been amazing. I have been part of one of his peer groups and also worked with him one-on-one. I don’t know of anyone with such sharp, hard-nosed business acumen who also admits and works with the personal — you know, the fuzzy touchy-feely stuff, the internal psychic underpinnings of why and how we work and achieve. Jay teaches how to combine capitalism with conscience to help ambitious business leaders succeed on many levels. He  understands the power of vision, the deep internal rumblings within the soul, to transform the world, all while creating business value. His life is an example of how staying true to yourself and your highest values is the very definition of success, and can be had without sacrificing profitability in the more conventional sense. Jay has found deep maturity and wisdom and aspires to bring this achievement to everyone he meets, patiently and respectfully giving the leaders he works with opportunities to grow and succeed. You won’t find a better teacher if you are aspiring to conscientious business power.  Steven Scholine, CEO, Vain Media
I am inspired, and in awe of the brain power / patience/ truth of the group. The input and support I receive is invaluable and appreciated. Thank you for another fantastically inspirational and informative meeting. I am grateful to be in the group.  Paz Stark, CEO, Stark Studios.
I’ve been enjoying Jay’s Masterminds for several months now. He’s an experienced and well-connected entrepreneur and coach with a great heart and a sincere passion for making a difference in the lives of everyone he works with. I’ve had a bunch of personal and professional “ah-ha” moments, identified some key blindspots, and have a renewed focus on how to take my business (and life) to the next level thanks to Jay.  Drew Kossoff, CEO, Rainmaker Ad Ventures, Inc.
In a professional climate of constant change and sweeping evolution, the life of a CEO can feel bewildering, paralyzing and lonesome.  Jay Levin has built a shelter from this, a CEO family that reflects the virtues of its patriarch: support, empowerment and decisive action.  Brian V. Julianel, Managing DirectorHellophonic
Jay’s CEO group improves your relationship with yourself and your business through peer support, advice and insight.  Jay is talented at coaching and coordinating the group to maximize takeaways for everyone.  Being accountability to the group is also helpful to making real progress.  Peter Just, Founder & CEO. JustGeneration
I was a member of Jay Levin’s CEO Peer Group for a year. I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the group and the intellectually challenging topics each month.The format for interacting and problem solving has been very beneficial to me and my company. Also, Jay was my exclusive executive coach for almost a year. He is creative, insightful, and pragmatic. His personal assistance has helped me see my business more clearly and how to strategically plan for the future. Michael Donnell, CEO, Solar Electric Scooters, Inc.


Jay changed our paradigms and our relationship. Jay is incredibly astute, intuitive and empathetic. He does an amazing job. We cannot recommend his coaching highly enough!     Sherry and Gary Burdoff
Jay’s Relationship coaching was extremely valuable because we’ve all had relationships with various partners throughout our lives but this is really an opportunity to assess what our history has been and move forward into more empowering relationships. Learning how to just be with a human being more on a really authentic, open, sharing level where it’s very, very connected. No hiding, no gaming. Really one person coming to another from a full level. I think the course is really providing a very healthy, solid framework and foundation for moving forward to our ultimate relationship – one that really going to grow us into our fullest potential with another human being.  Cary Kim
The relationship training changed my life in a really significant way. There’s been really major breakthroughs in my relationship and in how I see myself. Jay’s concepts are profoundly affecting the way I see the world and deal in it.  Ben Daughtry
 This was such a great and informative training that I thought……why the heck didn’t I learn this in high school??  I’ve been approaching the entire thing completely wrong!  (I could have avoided a ton of headaches!). So I was thrilled to have taken the training and to broaden my perspective and understanding of relationships in a much deeper, more spiritual and broader sense!. It is wonderful to be there with other women and with Jay, getting inside tips, sharing and seeing that we all experience similar problems.”   Daisy McCracken
I found the class very beneficial, markedly superior to just being given a book. It opened me to entirely new ways of dealing with my relationship and myself, to new dimensions of the world.  Steven Nevius
I found that Jay’s class What Women Need to Know about Men in a very necessary way gave me basic information I was lacking that seems IMPERATIVE  to relating to the opposite sex. I would even say it is information that can be applied to any stage of a relationship and that having the information and using it could revitalize an existing relationship. Conversely, if you are not in one, one could apply it in a playful way by just looking at your interactions with male friends, acquaintances or brief encounters through the lens that this class provides!  I feel this to be important, as it gives us the confidence to practice with our brothers in a much more compassionate and understanding way! Michelle Durand
From experiencing this Relationship training I’m learning more about women -  and actually I’m seeing more of myself as well as I learn more about women: I have more clarity in the aspect of patterns I have. I’m very fortunate in that I have been working on those already but this class has outlined other aspects that I hadn’t quite focused on as clearly as this makes you do – and it makes me very excited. Because I’m currently in a relationship that’s intimate but I also consider my friends as family, and that’s an intimate relationship for me right there. So this is all important, and I will carry this for the rest of my days.  Russell Alexander-Orosco
I found this Relation training  to be extremely valuable. It allowed me a deeper reflection of my past and how I created life and partnerships – and allowed me to see things differently so that I may move forward with different choices. In the past I’ve left just about every relationship that I was in. After going through this class I feel confident that I have more tools and skills and understanding on approaching a relationship…I think after this course I understand this is doable, we can move forward and we can create it. I would recommend it to every women who has been in and out of relationships, to take this course and get a better handle on what we are doing and what is to be accepted and how to go through the difficulties of the things we are having a problem accepting in the other partner. Really extraordinary insight.  Kineret Sherman
Jay’s training provided me with a “toolbox” filled with techniques, perspectives and practices that can help anyone-willing to better their relationship to themselves and others. Through his classes I became more aware of who I am; recognizing my patterns and my wounds as well as my gifts and passions. His relationship training  brought light & understanding to my own relationship and to the old paradigm in which most of us are operating out of. It offered insight and great tools to help take my partnership to a new level of understanding, communicating and loving.  Mark Coler
Many of us speak of a paradigm shift occurring on the planet. In the same way that new understanding and technology is necessary to make the shift happen globally, each of us needs new tools to make the shift happen within ourselves. Jay’s training c will open the door to an array of tangible and creative tools to help you in this process.  Midori Takata
Sitting through the What Men Need to Know About Women class was very interesting to me. I’ve never done anything like this before – no therapy or group classes, nothing like this. So it seemed like it was coming at me. Like I was being bombarded with all these subconscious things I was aware of but never actually expressed with other people. I feel that everyone really is aware of these things but to talk about it really brings it out. And I learned a lot more about myself. Not being in a relationship now it gave me a good road map for the next one that might come up. John Hanson
Jay’s training illuminated men as something more than the other from another planet but as vulnerable humans burdened by pressures, demands, and expectations that engendered specific behaviors. As a result, compassion replaced fear and defensiveness, understanding replaced suspicion and game-playing was replaced with real communication, the result being a positive impact on my relationship with all the men in my life.  Abby Stone
Jay shares with you the tools to communicate with your partner. To move beyond the confrontational rhetoric that we’ve all learned and that have become so ingrained in us. His teachings help you discover your true nature and that of your partner so that hopefully there can be a mutual understanding, respect and celebration of each others differences.  Carlos Sanz
I have read all the self-help books on having real intimate relationships with men, but have never been able to stay in one for the long haul. Through my work and studies with Jay Levin, I feel I now have new tools and understanding of how men view women and relationships, and what men really want on subconscious level. I have also learned more about my own personal relationship blocks. I love the class; it really helped me.  Vicky Hamilton
Man and woman are struggling to co-exist harmoniously within a context of an unhealthy matrix that causes each to suffer primary wounds and generate self-protective stances in order to ‘survive’ and protect their traumatized selves. Jay Levin’s class breaks down the effects of the unhealthy matrix on the psyche of both man and woman and in doing so gifts us with the tools, understanding and compassion to help ourselves and each other recover our authentic selves and step out of the matrix. – LIsa Ferguson
Most of my relationships had traumatized men in them – as well as myself being a traumatized women. Not being in a relationship now for four years, has helped come to the point where in taking this training , I really understood what mistakes I had kept repeating – my patterns of picking the same type of traumatized man on different levels, between different age groups and different nationalities. Didn’t matter. It was the same trauma. They were very wounded by their fathers mostly, not their mothers, their fathers. So I’m hopeful that anyone who takes this course who really wants to get to know themselves and how they relate to men, that these women get to see the signs of not communicating, not withdrawing, being passive-aggressive, demanding the women do things the women doesn’t want to do necessarily, being very macho. That was something that really helped me. Jay is very, very good, very clear at speaking the truth he learned from counseling many women as well as of his past relationships. So I highly recommend this for any women who wants to get down to the basics of how to relate, not only to themselves, as in the life mastery course, but also how to relate to men.  Babbete Ory
Jay shares with you the tools to communicate with your partner. To move beyond the confrontational rhetoric that we’ve all learned and that have become so ingrained in us. His teachings help you discover your true nature and that of your partner so that hopefully there can be a mutual understanding, respect and celebration of each others differences. Stephen Marr

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